Friday, November 6, 2009

The Battle of the Babes

If they weren’t playing on the women’s tour, they would easilly make a living through modelling. With their posh frocks on, whenever these girls battle it out for the match, they also battle it out for the glamour and looks. It’s always a 100 percent attendance when these girls play it out. Their looks rather then then their tennis prowess are a magnet for spectators Here are the list of the glamour girls.

Daniela Hantuchova: It's not just her looks, either; it's also the sexy and elegant way she moves. "I guess the attention paid to appearance is something that belongs to tennis, too."- Daniela Hantuchova

Ana Ivanovic: She says she can’t wait to meet Mr. Right. You could call Ana Ivanovic the Serbian girl-next-door. She is just like the girl next door. She has a charming smile. Her personaility is very likeable and sweet as well. Her glamour will always substitute her recent poor form. Apart from that, she is gorgeous.

Maria Sharapova: The queen of babes who needs no formal introduction. When the phrase "Sports Hottie of the Week" is mentioned, the name Maria Sharapova immediately springs to mind.Some say she's quite handy with a tennis racket and can handle herself on the court, but she's second to none when it comes to alluring good looks.

Flavia Pennetta: A passionate hater of Mauresmo and her sexual orientation, she is by far one of the more kinky tennis players. She has stated on interviews about her fantasies of having quickies with Safin. She also says she does not practise abstinece. Her long time bed partner on the tennis tour was Spaniard, Carlos Moya. In an interview, she said she would never do it with Federer, Nadal or Del Potro. She also likes to boast about how she "did it" in the toilets of a plane. She is one horny bitch.

Caroline Wozniacki: The new it girl. She is one fast rising star. Caroline is a youthful and glamorous tennis player of the new generation. She is one babe!

Elena Dementieva: Blonde, tall and photogenic, she is the perfect stereotype. She resembles a school girl when she ties her hair up. Her long legs makes anyone envy the ballboys.


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  1. FLAVIA PENNETTA: "She is one horny bitch. In an interview, she said she would never do it with Federer, Nadal or Del Potro."